Paneltec continue to invest in machinery and resources to ensure that we remain market leaders. We recruit highly skilled and experienced staff who enable us to deliver the most diverse range of services at the highest of standards.

Horizontal Direction Drilling

Directional drilling is one of our specialised services that requires our highly skilled staff to be meticulous, using our state of the art hi-tech machinery.

Having provided Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) services to telecommunications, power, and water industries for the past 6 years, Paneltec have developed a reputation as the underground experts.

Directional drilling is a highly skilled and specialised service requiring precision operations and sophisticated machinery. Before a HDD project can commence, preliminary geological investigation takes place.

We can advise on the suitability of HDD for even the most difficult or high risk projects. We work with our clients to determine the key objectives, machinery selection, timelines and budgets to ensure the projects runs seamlessly and delivers quality outcomes.

Non-destructive digging and pothole excavation

We specialise in non-destructive excavation and pothole excavation as it is a clean, low impact and a non-disruptive method of excavating potentially sensitive infrastructure like telecommunication, gas, power and water. Our method utilises the gentle digging power of high pressure water and vacuum extraction of debris.

Pneumatic boring using compressed air

We perform pneumatic boring techniques; this process is extremely effective in connecting two or more points underground. We choose to use this processes as it has little or no environmental impact and doesn’t disturb the ground surface.

High density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) installation and welding

Depot with workshop

Our extensive depot houses a large array of machinery and a fully operation machinery maintenance workshop. We service and repair our own machinery, vehicles and equipment. Our highly experienced staff ensure that our assets are maintained to exceptionally high standards to avoid or reduce any risk of downtime.


Roads, driveways and footpaths, reinstatement is a key area of our business and we work with many blue chip companies throughout Tasmania. We have invested in a selection of machinery to undertake a full range of projects using our highly skilled personnel.

Traffic management

Viatec Traffic Solutions is our traffic management and road safety business that offers over 16 years of collective experience. We will minimise liability and reduce risk on any project. Our services include safety and traffic management planning, equipment, staffing and signage.

Other Services

We have a comprehensive offering ensuring that our customer needs are met on all levels. Other associated services:

  • Concrete Core Boring
  • Pit and pipe installation and repair
  • Cable hauling
  • Services Location
  • Trenching
  • Communication Cable and pipe laying


Client Testimonials

Thankyou for bringing gas to our home. The way you tidied up was great and much appreciated. We wish your company every future success - you deserve it.

David Meadows, Prospect Vale