Drain Cleaning

Paneltec has invested in state of the art combination drain cleaning/vacuum excavation and recycling combination vehicles that are able to provide efficient, all size culvert and drain cleaning using high pressure jetting and vacuum methods.


We have specialised equipment for cutting and removing intrusive tree roots from a variety of drains and sewer systems as well as specialised nozzles and attachments for specific applications.

This service can be combined with our CCTV services to provide imagery of drain or pipe blockages prior to and after clearance, ensuring the job is undertaken with utmost efficiency.

Using the latest technology we can find blockages and generate reports that give a clear representation of pipeline condition.

We have a variety of units suitable for undertaking all drain and sewer cleaning tasks efficiently and with ease.

The trucks come equipped with retractable 6 inch booms, a wide range of rotating nozzles and root/vegetation cutting blades. They have the capacity to unblock and clean all sizes of pipes and culverts over large distances with less risk of damage.

Our range of combination units have the ability to jet and clean drains, pits and pipes whilst simultaneously vacuuming debris into the collector tank.

Our powerful jetting equipment can remove grease, silt, scale and deposits that build up and restrict flow within drains, storm water and sewer lines.

Panel Tec 157
Panel Tec 138
Panel Tec 121
Panel Tec 161
Panel Tec 185
Panel Tec 165