HDPE Fusion Welding

HDPE Fusion

HDPE pipe is butt fused together using a fusion welder. A clamping device holds the pipe pieces as the pipe ends are "faced" with a machining tool to establish a clean mating surface. A heating element or heating plate is inserted between the faced ends, and the pipe pieces are drawn together against the heating plate. A melt pattern is formed around both pipe ends. Once the correct temperature is reached, the heating plate is quickly removed, and the melt ends are drawn together with a precise force. The end result is a fusion joint that is as strong as or stronger than the pipe itself,  and this creates a leak-free joint of HDPE pipe.


Butt welding

  • Industrial
  • Electrical
  • Municipal
  • Water/waste Water
  • Telecommunications
  • Sewer


  • Performance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Low maintenance

Client Testimonials

Dear Stephen and John I would like to express my gratitude for the outstanding job you all have provided Carr Villa, Launceston City Council. You just completed a major project by installing and supplying a new gas line to the Crematorium at Carr Villa Memorial Park. You and your teams worked exceptional well and with the least interruption to our services here at Carr Villa. From the planning stages to the execution of the required work it all was performed with an outstanding professionalism. Thank you for the quality and tidiness of your work. It has and still is a pleasure working with you on this project. I will certainly recommend you and your business highly at any opportunity given to me. THANK YOU. Kind regards Ralf Goetschenberg Coordinator Carr Villa Memorial Park Launceston City Council

Carr Villa Memorial Park Launceston